Risk Mitigation - Lien Solutions

Be confident

There is no substitute for knowing you’ve done everything required to protect your portfolio from foreclosures and write-downs.

Lien Solutions makes this proactive due diligence easier than ever for financial institutions, leasing companies and commercial finance organizations.

Ensure accuracy
Lien Solutions enables you to get a more accurate picture of borrowers’ repayment potential and make sure collateral is secured.

Reveal hidden threats:
• Tax liens
• Judgments
• Pending litigation
• Improperly indexed UCC financing statements

Solution overview

Search to Reflect

Often called a post-filing verification search, a search to reflect is used to confirm accuracy of your UCC filings, your priority position and other details that decrease risk factors and improve outcomes.

Recurring Search

Our customer-centric process brings all your due diligence activities together where they belong – on your desk, under your control.

Debtor Validation

Validation of key data against public record databases provides for the greatest flexibility in controlling your UCC portfolio.

Don’t wonder if your portfolio is protected – know it is with risk mitigation features included in Lien Solutions.