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Title Management

Let us help ensure more active monitoring of liens throughout the life-cycle of loans. We equip you to access titles and make necessary updates whenever changing circumstances affect the status of your titles. The result is confidence that liens stay perfected.

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Our best-in-class Title Management is built for ease

With responsive support that lasts as long as your liens do, we make sure everything is up-to-date and accurate until the loan is paid off. You maintain control over both paper and electronic titles, in all jurisdictions, so you have easy access to what you need, when you need it.

Support for Every Step of Title Management

What’s needed for ongoing motor vehicle lien management?


The state(s) I’m lending in mandates Electronic Lien & Title (ELT). How do I manage that process?

To file and manage titles in ELT-mandated states, you must partner with an approved ELT provider for transmission of vehicle and title data. Lien Solutions offers approved ELT services for all ELT-ready states.

How do I handle states where both paper and electronic titles are used?

Some states offer ELT without mandating it. In those states, you may use either paper or electronic titles, and Lien Solutions can help with either. It’s also important to keep up with frequent changes as more states adopt and/or mandate ELT. Sign up here for notifications as more states make the switch. (include appropriate link/contact)

How can I remove my interest in a title?

A Title Release can be performed in the appropriate jurisdiction. This can be done for both ELT and paper titles. Lien Solutions can support the release of large quantities of titles all at once.

How can I retrieve a title from storage, or get a paper version of an electronic title?

You can submit a Request for Paper Title. iLien Motor Vehicle’s options for storage of paper and electronic titles make it easy to access titles whenever you need them.

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