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iLien Motor Vehicle is the award-winning SaaS platform that transforms vehicle and equipment titling work for lenders. It’s the only tool you need to maintain loan perfection, monitor and manage vehicle liens efficiently and release titles effortlessly.

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The expertise to make things easier.

Focused on Motor Vehicle Lenders

Lien Solutions is focused solely on the everyday needs of lenders and financial professionals. We’re here to help address the challenges of title perfection from processing to ongoing management.

Specialized Expertise

Our knowledgeable, meticulous experts ensure that every transaction is handled smoothly and expertly. We deliver solutions that draw on our extensive expertise with jurisdictions across the country. That means you always have the right services and the right insights – right where you need them.

Improved Experiences

Motor vehicle titling is inherently complex. We bring order to this confusing and tedious process so you get to better results, faster. We reduce the burden on your internal teams as well as on your borrowers. We enable better preparation and follow through, predicting and addressing issues before they arise.

A Better, Easier Solution

Through our range of solutions, we help you reduce complexity, save time, mitigate risk, and produce better outcomes. The result is fewer unpleasant surprises and a markedly better experience for you and your clients.

More Secure Lending

Effectively managing risk is key to sound lending. iLien Motor Vehicle helps to ensure fewer exceptions, faster time to perfection, and reduced risk. The first, and most important, step in managing risk is to partner with a proven provider ready to support you from due diligence to filing to follow-up and management.

World Class Technology

Lien Solutions continually defines best-practice tools and approaches. Our cutting-edge, integrated platform delivers them in ways that fit your unique workflows so you can stay flexible. We anticipate and prevent holdups by local DMVs, and facilitate smooth interactions between departments, functions, processes and your borrowers.

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