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Don’t wonder – know that requirements are fulfilled and best practices followed. Ensure compliance with the complete set of Lien Solutions workflow and automation for lien filing.

Sound lending depends on being fully protected, and that means ensuring perfection. Filing a public notice to your interest in an asset can have a big impact on your position for repayment. But, ensuring perfection can be a complex process, requiring you to comply with varying requirements across jurisdictions. Lien Solutions provides complete nationwide filing services for loan- and lease-related documentation.

Powered by our web-based iLien platform, you can prepare and process Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and other filings, as well as manage them in your online portfolio.

With iLien, you get a single access point for everyone involved in a particular transaction, with updates reflected in the portfolio immediately. As you work, process controls and tracking make it easy to keep tabs on the status of filings. We also provide ways to eliminate redundant steps – you’re able to reuse data for subsequent filings. Simply eliminating the need to re-enter data can lead to major gains in both productivity and accuracy.

As the largest filer in the country, we handle thousands of filings every day, providing flexible solutions for clients no matter the scale. We pass the benefits of extensive experience to you – to speed your workflow, increase accuracy and achieve better results.

We handle a range of filing types, including:

  • UCC-1
  • UCC-3 (Amendments, Continuations, Terminations, Assignments)
  • Purchase Money Security Interest (PMSI)
  • Canadian Personal Property Security Act (PPSA, Canadian filings)
  • Effective Financing Statement (EFS)

Types of Filings


File a Uniform Commercial Code-1 (UCC-1) to give notice that you have an interest in the personal property of a debtor and give notice of a lien against a property.

Fixture Filings

Fixture filings are effective against both real estate and personal property claimants. This type of filing is made for articles found on real estate and are considered attached – like a walk-in freezer or HVAC unit.

Personal Property Security Act (Canada)

The Canadian version of the U.S. Uniform Commercial Code is the Personal Property Security Act, with Provincial and Territorial filings replacing State fillings.

Purchase Money Security Interest (PMSI)

The Uniform Commercial Code provides special recognition to those who sell on credit or specifically finance the purchase of goods. Lien Solutions enables the best position with electronic filings in multiple states and online searching for all your transactions

Effective Financing Systems (EFS)

Effective Financing Statements, under the Food Security Act (“FSA”), are an agricultural-specific filing for a security interest in farm products. While similar to a UCC, there are specific benefits.

Secured Party Representation (SPRS)

Protect critical client data without compromising security with our UCC Secured Party Representation Service.

Lien Solutions provides complete nationwide filing services for loan- and lease-related documentation.