Corporate - Lien Solutions

Simplify and accelerate workflow

Conduct public record searches, retrieve and view actual UCC and corporate records, create filings and keep track of your entire portfolio.

Lien Solutions is the industry-leading, web-based solution that’s customizable to the needs of your company’s workflow priorities.

iLien is a flexible enterprise-wide solution providing single-source access for those responsible for the credit-to-cash cycle. By allowing you to assign users with role-based access, productivity is enabled while providing IT security.

Workflow is enhanced with robust features and user-defined customization, controlling functionality and visualization – and backed by built-in user support and expert service teams.

Solution overview

Corporate Document Retrieval

Flexible, scalable solutions for due diligence, including federal and state tax liens, litigation, bankruptcy records and other information to help you mitigate risk in your portfolio.

Articles of Incorporation

Ensure the perfection and priority of security interests against debtor corporations with search and monitoring of Articles of Incorporation.

Litigation Search

Litigation searches are an important part of conducting due diligence and protecting your position against ‘hidden’ liabilities that don’t appear in simple UCC queries.

Certificates of Good Standing

A certificate of good standing shows an entity has met its statutory requirements and is authorized to do business.

Your computer or phone connects you to public record sources of UCC, corporate and real property, as well as tax, lien and judgment data.