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End-to-end management of the lending cycle.

End-to-end management of the lending cycle.

Lien Solutions delivers an industry-leading set of comprehensive tools to secure your company’s interests and replace business risk with business certainty.

Industry-leading, comprehensive lien solutions for over 30 years


Lien Solutions provides complete nationwide searching services for loan- and lease-related documentation.


Intelligent automation streamlines your workflow – minimizing filing errors, rejection rates and missed deadlines.


Robust capabilities provide visibility, automation and control as you manage the ongoing health of your portfolio.


There’s enough uncertainty in business – Lien Solutions improves accurate and automated outcomes.

Lien Solutions pioneered image-based online searching and electronic filing solutions for a variety of industries and markets. For over 30 years, we’ve delivered lien expertise, recording services and solutions across the lending cycle.

Put the industry’s most advanced, automated suite of search and filing tools at your fingertips.

See the big picture

Better tools provide better outcomes.

Lien Solutions automatically monitor filings by other parties and changes to existing filings.

Control the details of your lending process

Transparency, automation and workflows allow you to streamline operations.

End-to-end management across every stage of the lending cycle

We provide comprehensive lien solutions and support – from loan application to the end of a loan.