Solar - Lien Solutions

Making the future bright for solar lending

Lien Solutions is the largest provider of solutions for securing collateral in the solar and renewable energy industry.


Concerns in the Solar industry:
  • Rapid growth accelerating focus on risk mitigation
  • Need for managed, mature and automated IT processes
  • Learning curve of understanding jurisdictional and other nuances


This solution is designed to serve:

Solar financers, lessors, servicers, underwriters, investors, fabricators, assemblers, manufacturers and installers


Business benefits:
  • Acquire proven experience from solar industry’s largest provider
  • Lower risk with proven systems and solutions
  • Allow staff to focus on growing business, not UCC fixture filings
  • Agile IT solution designed to scale and support your business strategy
  • Web-based delivery means no upfront Capital Expenses (CapEx)

Operational benefits:
  • Streamline and simplify workflow
  • Cut labor needed for processing UCC financing statements
  • Increased accuracy, reduced manual entry
  • Superior customer support from experienced professionals
  • Predictable monthly Operational Expenses (OpEx)

Through 2017, the installation of solar energy in homes and commercial construction is expected to more than double. Not only will solar energy manufacturers and equipment installers or resellers realize more income, they will need to absorb more administrative processes to protect their investment in financing the buying or leasing of this equipment to marketers, installers, or commercial building and home owners.

Powerful simplicity

Lien Solutions streamlines complex work and makes it simple for companies like yours, whether you need 100 filings or thousands. Our services are customized for new entrants to the solar finance industry, as well as tenured companies simply looking to streamline a long-standing workflow.

Baked-in flexibility

Our custom-built interfaces enable systems, such as those for loan documentation, to transfer information seamlessly. You won’t re-key information and will have confidence that each system is in sync.

Reduction of risk

We help minimize inaccuracies and missteps that could result in costing our clients money. Our years of experience and proven track record make us the natural choice for guarding your business from unnecessary risk.