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Enterprise-class corporate solutions

Industry-leading, comprehensive outsourced lien solutions for over 30 years.


Concerns of Large Companies:
  • Competitive and customer research
  • Disparate and siloed data affecting decision-making
  • Desire for scale-up/scale-down outsourcing


This solution is designed to serve:

Nationwide purchasers of annuity assets or securities in their entirety or in portions in industries including aviation, energy and healthcare. The cash flow funding process can be applied to annuities, leases, insurance benefits paid in installments, retirement accounts, royalties, lottery winnings, tax lien certificates and more than 50 other income streams.


Business benefits:
  • Mitigate risk and increase business certainty
  • Simplify IT management
  • Leverage the flexibility of on-demand resources
  • Seamlessly extend your IT footprint
  • Increased transparency of portfolio

Operational benefits:
  • Streamline and simplify workflow
  • Single solution for thousands of jurisdictions nationwide
  • Intelligent automation decreases missed filings
  • Increased accuracy, reduced manual entry
  • Superior customer support from experienced professionals

As the market leader, Lien Solutions helps you reduce risk in the lending cycle by providing accurate, current nationwide searches, seamless UCC filing processes and lien management tools.


For added efficiency with your lending process, you can search for liens on your debtors through direct B2B integration with our system or web-based interface.


As the industry leader, we’ll process your UCCs quickly and efficiently through direct B2B integration with our system or by using the market-leading web application.


We provide a comprehensive, nationwide solution for your portfolio management needs, including UCC Debtor and Business Entity Monitoring, images, audit controls and portfolio management.

Corporate Document Retrieval

Flexible, scalable solutions for due diligence, including federal and state tax liens, litigation, bankruptcy records and other information to help you mitigate risk in your portfolio.

Industry-leading Solutions

Workflow is enhanced with robust features and user-defined customization, controlling functionality and visualization – and backed by built-in user support and expert service teams.