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Business Entity Search for CARES Act

Lenders are at the forefront of helping the economy through the COVID-19 crisis and we’re here to support you in that effort.

Our Business Entity Search for CARES Act allows lenders to quickly vet potential applicants to check if they are in good standing. This maximizes the opportunity to lend to businesses that need relief.

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Large amounts of new loan funding brings with it an onslaught of applicants to vet. The challenge is to verify thousands of new entity names in a short enough period to effectively service customers – and before the complete pool of money allotted to this initiative is claimed.

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Unprecedented activity

The CARES Act is creating enormous opportunity and SBA loan applications are already skyrocketing. The entire industry is trying to scale to take part in this process. We can help make the process smoother for you and your borrowers.

New challenges

Lenders have an immediate need to perform speedy and accurate due diligence. This poses an additional challenge while they are already dealing with changes in the workforce including rotating shifts, fewer hours of connectivity to systems, and remote work-from-home employees.

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