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Why do M&A activities falter?

Written by Robb Zurek
Date June 2019

As companies are growing, they look for ways to leapfrog over the competition quickly and capture market opportunities. One way to accomplish fast growth is through a merger or acquisition. The ultimate purpose of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is to grow the company and, in many cases, increase profitability. In the past few years, M&As have reached an all-time high since the financial meltdown of a decade ago.


Bank and financial institution mergers and acquisitions

Written by Nasser Ansari
Date April 2019

The primary purpose of an M&A is to grow business, but improvements in operational efficiency and management of risk can be slower to come. After a merger, FIs typically integrate employees and infrastructure to avoid duplicate roles. Unfortunately, those changes in workforce and the system integration process could potentially delay loan processing and negatively affect […]