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Delivering speed and visibility to captive finance companies

Written by Marina Hardy
Date March 2019

With a rich, 50-year history of manufacturing tractors, Kubota relies on its network of over 1,100 dealerships to deliver tractors to farmers all over the U.S. As their customers depend on Kubota to get the job done, so Kubota depends on its dealers to properly complete customer transactions and secure liens.


Proactive Risk Management More Important than Ever for Ag Lending Industry

Written by Marina Hardy
Date October 2018

It’s well established that America is one of the world’s primary breadbaskets.  U.S. farmers’ agricultural output outstrips all others. But American farmers prolific output has, at times, actually hurt them, rather than helped.


Lending in the Agriculture Sector: What Lies Ahead?

Written by Marina Hardy
Date September 2018

We recently had the opportunity to attend a large agriculture finance conference focused on risk in that sector. This year, the discussion centered on the weather, the global economy, and politics: risks that affect pricing of crops, loan health and the credit landscape.


Jurisdictional Challenges in Motor Vehicle Lending – White Paper Challenges in Motor Vehicle Lending

Written by Lien Solutions
Date August 2018

Whitepaper Gives Motor Vehicle Creditors New Ways to Cope with Multi-Jurisdictional Lending Problems


Importance of the Correct Debtor Name in Agricultural Liens

Written by Lien Solutions
Date January 2018

A recent Texas court case once more brought to light the significance of getting the name of a debtor correct on an agricultural lien UCC filing. The decision, which came in December of 2017, found that information added to the debtor’s name rendered financing statement seriously misleading.


Motor Vehicle Lenders Need Greater Support

Written by Lien Solutions
Date November 2017

Lenders have been getting short-changed from motor vehicle title service providers who have been slow to understand the unique needs of lenders in the titling process.


Financing Solutions for a Changing World

Written by Skip Lafon
Date March 2017

There are two key areas of equipment leasing and finance that are most susceptible to change and pose the greatest challenges to companies in the industry: risk mitigation and workflow optimization. To successfully meet the challenges and changes ahead, equipment leasing and finance companies must figure out a way to protect their assets in case of customer financial difficulty and to ensure their operations are flexible, efficient and adaptable to evolving market conditions.