June 2019 - Lien Solutions

Why do M&A activities falter?

Written by Robb Zurek
Date June 2019

As companies are growing, they look for ways to leapfrog over the competition quickly and capture market opportunities. One way to accomplish fast growth is through a merger or acquisition. The ultimate purpose of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is to grow the company and, in many cases, increase profitability. In the past few years, M&As have reached an all-time high since the financial meltdown of a decade ago.


A closer look at the auto refinance market for lenders

Written by Marina Hardy
Date June 2019

Competition has increased, especially from credit unions. Credit unions now account for almost two-thirds of refinanced motor vehicle loans, and that increase has come at the expense of independents and captives. Delinquency rates are up. Waning demand is another factor, as years of growth have satisfied any pent-up desire for vehicles. In this dynamic landscape, […]