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Our experience and service is the foundation of our culture of innovation.


Backed by the power of parent Wolters Kluwer, the company is in a strong position to continue its rich heritage of delivering easy-to-use solutions and advice that enable clients to reduce risk, optimize their workflows and make informed, confident decisions regarding their businesses.

Lien Solutions even now is hard at work developing its next generation of tools and services and its teams of experts are busy studying up on coming trends so they can give the best guidance possible. As a leading provider to the lending industry, we promise to be there for customers as much tomorrow as we have been since our founding in 1979.


In 2008 UCC Direct Services changes its name to CT Lien Solutions, a Wolters Kluwer business. The rebranding aims to better demonstrate the company’s ever-growing range of services beyond UCC into key areas such as real property and vehicle liens. CT Lien Solutions delivers leading technology-based solutions that help customers increase accuracy, reduce costs and lower risk.


With the housing market booming, UCC Direct Services begins offering web-based, document processing solutions geared to the mortgage industry.


The middle of the new century’s first decade marks the company’s 25th anniversary. UCC Direct Services is a market leader with an expanding customer base.


UCC Direct Services introduces iLien Online. At the time, it’s the only integrated, web-based work management center geared for all of a client’s UCC activities. iLien Online quickly becomes the company’s flagship service.

The company also gains additional financial services market presence in the northeastern United States with the acquisition of Intercounty Clearance Corp.


In 2001 UCC Direct is renamed UCC Direct Services when it acquires Capital Commerce Reporter, an Austin-based UCC search and retrieval services company. The move strengthens UCC Direct Services’ position in the competitive Texas market.


In 1999 Accusearch was acquired by Wolters Kluwer and renamed UCC Direct when AccuSearch is combined with Data File Services and Document Resources. This new firm provides clients a wider array of electronic UCC-related solutions and specialized services that are comprehensive, flexible, efficient and accurate. 

The combined unit develops state-of-the-art document services allowing banks, financial services companies, law firms and government agencies to retrieve official public records, secure financial interests and complete commercial transactions. 

Late 1990s

AccuSearch releases an early electronic UCC filing solutions that includes AccuFile, a complete, network- ready system that will allow users to efficiently prepare, file and manage UCCs across multiple state and county jurisdictions right from their desktop.

While AccuFile is a product, UCC Direct is a service for companies that want to outsource their UCC filings and related project management. Users enter their information from their desktop and AccuSearch’s specialists take over from there to efficiently and cost-effectively handle every aspect.

Mid 1990s

AccuSearch becomes the first company to offer automated UCC document processing, leading the way to digital offerings available on PCs and eventually online.


Bonner & Moore Computing Services acquires AccuSearch Inc., a competing UCC search firm and merges it with its own UCC search division. The combined outfit retains the AccuSearch name.


The Texas oil boom fuels economic growth. Spotting a new market niche, Houston-based Bonner & Moore Computing Services Co. adds UCC-related searches to its expanding repertoire of business and technical professional services for lenders, law firms and corporate borrowers performing public record searches and UCC filings to perfect liens.

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